Week 1 Activity – Plaster Casting

Plaster casting is a 3-dimensional sculpture that can be made by using plaster, covered in sand. I went to Home Depot and purchased four pounds of plaster, then gathered a bucket of wet sand from the beach, and completed this activity in my own backyard. I inserted my hand deeply into the sand to make a mold, then removed it. Meanwhile, I mixed and stirred the plaster vigorously until completely dissolved in water. After it was dissolved, I poured the plaster slowly into my mold, and waited for approximately one hour. After one hour had passed, I dug around my casting in order to retrieve it without breaking any parts. Also, I brushed off extra sand and took a picture with my finished product.

My experience in completing this activity has allowed me to see that art can be time-consuming, but can also be rewarding and simple. I have never made a plaster cast, so it was definitely a new experience. The finished product was much heavier in weight than I thought it would have been. The process of creating the plaster cast was not difficult, but I had fears that it would break, or that the mold would be too small in size. In the end, it came out to be quite successful.

Completing this project has allowed me to recall other simple sculptures that I see in museums, classrooms, and art galleries. The plaster casting reminds me of the four United States presidents’ head sculptures in Mount Rushmore. The plaster cast is a piece of art, but I would be more in awe of plaster casts that are more complex than those of a hand, or a foot. Nonetheless, this expands my perspective on art, and I would love to perfect my sculpture to increase the precision of my artwork if I had more time and energy to do so.


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