Week 1 Artist – Allan Kaprow

Allan Kaprow was an American painter, artist, lecturer, and pioneer who was born in 1927 and died in 2006. He participated in a movement called the “Happenings,” which was a form of spontaneous and non-linear action, which also was part of the performance arts movement and practices. He challenged the definition of “art” and presented it in a very different perspective.

As I was examining his artwork and masterpieces, he had a variety of pieces that amazed me. An important series included “Yard” that was created in 1961, showing many car tires in the picture. Other pieces of artwork even had people, different lighting, and an automobile in them. Although most pieces were in black and white rather than in color, I appreciated Allan Kaprow’s efforts of challenging the people’s minds and ways of thinking in terms of their definitions of what art was to them.

In the pictures below, Allan Kaprow himself is in the first one, and the second photo shows one of his other series of Fluids, but it was a reinvented version of Fluids. As there were quite a few versions created, Allan Kaprow mentioned that he supported and saw the idea of a reinvention rather than a copy of his creations. I value his openness in reinventions and optimism in supporting more artwork production.

Allan Kaprow.jpg


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