Week 2 Artist – Ana Mendieta

Ana Mendieta was born on November 18, 1948 and passed on September 8, 1985. Although she only lived for 36 years, Ana was a very famous artist, known for her bold, rebellious artwork. I think that her artwork is slightly too vulgar for me, and it is difficult for me to view her artwork because of the potential messages behind some of the pieces. Her openness in revealing her body parts somewhat shock me to the extent of fear. Ana’s death had much controversy, as it was unknown whether she committed suicide, or whether her death had relations with her husband. There were no eyewitnesses when she fell 33 stories.

The following photos are more “neutral” photos compared to other pieces of her artwork. The first photo is an example of a slightly bold piece of artwork that Ana has created. She blends in with the tree behind her, acts as a camouflage, and often uses herself in her art pieces. The second photo is simply a photo of Ana Mendieta. The third photo depicts Ana with facial hair, and the title of it is “Facial Hair Transplants.” Ana is clearly and boldly challenging the issue of gender. Normally, males have more facial hair than women, whether it would be a mustache, or a beard, on the arms, and legs. However, in this piece, Ana, as a female, has a beard, in which females do not normally have. There was also another piece in which Ana has a mustache. The fourth photo is again of Ana Mendieta herself, in which she brings up the issue of domestic violence and sexual abuse.

An inference can be drawn that Ana Mendieta indeed is not afraid to voice her opinion about gender equality and gender differences. Based on her numerous pieces,  Ana wishes to convey a message that all genders should be treated equally, regardless of their characteristics. I appreciate her boldness in bringing awareness and speaking out to the public regarding these taboo topics such as domestic violence and sexual abuse, bringing art to the “next level.” Ana Mendieta has brought forth a movement through performance arts and pushes the general public forward.


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