Week 3 Activity – Graffiti Writing

The process of graffiti writing was quite simple, as I just drew my name in bubble letters using a sharpie, with some style of graffiti. I looked online for some ideas on how to enhance my graffiti lettering skills, so I attempted to imitate drawing the letters from certain websites and artists. After I had completed the bubble letters on the piece of cardboard, I gathered blue and yellow spray paint cans from Home Depot and alternated between the two colors in spraying my name. As seen in the photo below, the results are not ideal, because my name is somewhat faded. However, it takes practice and time on know how to grasp and control the spray nozzle.

My experience in completing this activity was very enjoyable, except when it came to spray painting. It was difficult to control the level of spray painting the cardboard. As seen in my pictures below, some of my letters in my name have faded, because it was challenging to grasp how much to press the nozzle for the spray paint to come out, and how to make it so that the spray paint wouldn’t be too light or too dark. Other than the spray paint, I enjoyed writing and perfecting my name in bubble letters and add a little style of graffiti to it. Fun fact: I think the “z” in my name looks very well drawn!

Completing this project has allowed me to enjoy drawing and perfecting my skills in writing bubble letters. Also, I have more respect for graffiti artists, because I have seen some that are absolutely fantastic and amazing. I would encourage them use graffiti in places where they are actually legal, though.

I consider the graffiti writing and spray painting as a piece of art. This expands my perspective on art, and I definitely would love to improve on my spray painting skills if I had friends who would be willing to participate in these activities with me!



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