Week 4 Activity – Sketching

This week, I visited a Botanical Garden with many trees, flowers, plants, a pond, and a few birds. The visit was a great experience, as I captured many high quality photos of flowers up close. The first 6 are abstract photos and sketches. According to Professor Zucman, “A drawing can be abstract in that it is stylized or removed a little, or a lot, from the original.” I am not very creative, so I only slightly deviated from the original picture by drawing more human beings in the picture. In the first photo with the bird, I would imagine it be abstract in which the places it can go.  In the first abstract sketch, there is a bridge connecting people two sides, with one person on each side. In the second sketch, there is a statue, but I also added more people viewing the statue and the trees. In the third sketch, I found a tree with brown leaves, that looked similar to hair. It was difficult to draw out, so I sketched it to the best of my ability.

The latter 6 are representational photos and sketches. According to Professor Zucman, representational sketches are sketches that look like something. I found many fascinating flowers at the garden, so I decided to take a photo of them, and they turned out very well, with amazing quality. I wish my sketches were better, so that I could depict them better. The first photo represents a purple flower (colors not used), with beautiful round pedals. The second photo represents a yellow sunflower, with very thin pedals. The third photo represents an orange flower, which has sharper pedals.

I used the Contour Drawing technique and it was quite difficult, because I could not look at the paper, but it was a new experience. Surprisingly, I also did not use erasers and allowed myself to flow freely and express myself fully. Overall, I enjoyed sketching in the garden as it was very peaceful, but I wish I had better skills in drawing.


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