Week 4 Artist – Francesca Woodman

Francesca Woodman was an American photographer, who featured many of her photos in black and white, with the exception of some that are in color. A majority of her photos expose nudity, usually of herself as well. She claimed that she was in most of her photos because she was “always available.” Francesca was born on April 3, 1958 and committed suicide on January 19, 1981, died at the age of 22. As seen in many of her photographs, most of the females featured in them were blurred because the female was moving in the picture. Francesca Woodman attended the Rhode Island School of Design and studied in Rome for a year. Although she was hopeful in collaborating with other photographers, she did not hear back from them and suffered from depression and had broken up with her significant other. Francesca had so much potential – I don’t understand why she had to take her own life.

The first photo below is a picture of Francesca Woodman. In the second photo, it is one of her photos titled “Seashore Circle,” and this was her work in 1976. The woman seems to be “stuck,” as she looks down and is grasping her waist area. She seems to be in hurt, struggling to find hope in her situation. I chose the third photo because it is one of her rare colored photos. The female is facing a medium-sized mirror, taking a picture with the camera in front of it. There are broken scraps and pieces, as if this room had been empty for a long time, and that Francesca was interested in this specific room and the layout of the rooms in the building. The fourth photo is also untitled. The main piece appears to be a mirror, reflecting the bed on the left side, with white bed sheets. However, there is a blurred object behind this mirror. I would like to think that it is Francesca herself, behind the mirror in the corner of the room, in despair.


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