Week 5 Activity – Instagram

This week’s activity involved the participation and collective effort of the each classmate enrolled in Art 110 in Summer 2016. Throughout the day, each student would post what he or she is doing on Thursday, June 23rd, 2016, wherever he or she may be. We used the hashtag #art110su16 so that we know what we’re all doing on this day, wherever we may be physically.  I find that something in common between all the students is that a majority of students are outside, exploring nature, or some may be relaxing at home with a cup of coffee or plate of food. There was only a couple students enrolled in the class who were in a hospital or working setting, in which she was a PT observer, and I admire her because I also wish to work in the medical field, but have not been able to observe in a hospital setting. I see that although we may be in different parts of California, or even in the world, we all are doing similar tasks, in that we are spending time with others, or outside exploring nature and hiking and spending time at the beach, because it’s summer! Most people are quite healthy in that they cook for themselves, and I did not see any pictures of fast food! It was quite a surprise for me, because it’s quite normal and frequent that people eat out at restaurants. However, since it’s summer, we as students have less busy lives, so we can choose to eat healthier because we have the time. Throughout the school year, there are more responsibilities, leading to the convenient and quick option of eating out at restaurants. Also, most students did not use any filters. I used a black and white filter for fun.


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