Week 5 Artist – Marina Abramovic

Of the four other artists I have blogged about so far, Marina Abramovic is the first artist who is still alive. She was born on November 30, 1946, currently 69 years old. She is a Serbian performance artist, and has been called the grandmother of performance art. Marina is known for her boldness in constantly challenging herself in facing her fears, whether it’d be “pain, blood, or physical limits of the body.”

The first piece of artwork is called The House with the Ocean View. Abramovic spent 12 days fasting (no food), and in silence. Thankfully, she actually had water during the performance. She was purifying herself and her audience. The reason for this performance was to expose herself and feel the vulnerability that American citizens felt after the 9/11 incident.  Each of the three ladders had rungs made of butcher knives. In this piece of artwork, she focused on the idea of presence and shared energy between herself and her audience or viewers. I don’t quite understand why she is willing to put her life at risk and is willing to take such bold steps for such performances.

Rhythm 10 was one of Marina Abramovic’s major pieces of artwork, and one of her examples of cutting herself, in which she used 20 knives to  stab the spaces between her fingers as quickly as possible. When the performance was half completed, she used a tape recorder and played played the first half of the performance, using that as the rhythmic beat to perform her latter half of the performance. I admire her brave soul in doing so!



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