Week 6 Activity – Landscapes with a Corpse

In week 6, the activity is called “Landscapes with a Corpse,” which was inspired by a Japanese artist named Izima Kaoru. The process of this activity is to imagine my departure of this world, and create a photographic self-portrait at a specific and ideal setting. A few images that showed different context, framing, or figure-ground relationships were encouraged. In other words, the question is: How do I wish to pass away?

I spent some time to think about the setting and situation of my departure, and chose to depart from this world in my very own bed at home. The pictures below depict my ideal departure of this Earth, showing no particular emotion. Hence, I wish to depart painlessly in my sleep. It may be a shock when my future family members awake in the morning to find me still “sleeping,” and eventually find that I have already passed, but as humans age, the body starts to weaken. People may end up with diseases, sickness, leading to multiple trips to the hospital. I would like to remain as healthy as possible, and end my life with happiness, joy, peace, and no regrets.

Creating this setting and situation was quite simple, however, it was a challenge to choose between different angles, or context, and the precise proximity between each photo. I would like to be cuddled up in my blanket, feeling warm. Although my clothing or outfit is covered by my blanket, I would like to wear very casual clothing, because it is what I am most comfortable in. My overall experience of this activity was quite peaceful, but also worrisome at the same time. I knew the ideal situation for my departure was to pass away in my sleep, but no one on Earth knows when or how anyone will die. This activity allowed me to reflect upon life and death, and how life is so fragile and precious. I was also worried because of the possibilities that may occur in my future, whether they would be the next second, minute, hour, day, month, or even years from now. However, in some sense, I cannot control anything that happens in the future, so I can simply continue to walk on this journey of life, and trust that everything happens and will happen for a reason, and that everything will be okay in the end.


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