Week 7 Activity – Art Museum

As we enter into the month of July, week 7 of ART 110, our mission for this week is to visit an art museum. Coincidentally, the museums are free admission during the first Tuesday of every month. Hence, I visited the de Young Museum this past Tuesday, which is a Fine Arts Museum located in Golden Gate Park in San Francisco. I did not expect to have such a great experience at the museum. I’ve actually been to the de Young quite a few times, but I was very fascinated by the art that was shown in this museum during this time of year. There were many examples of sketches that I saw were fantastic, and a series of art that represented the four seasons of the year (autumn, winter, spring, summer). I have posted many pictures below, but the two pieces of artwork I will focus on are the “Portrait of Orleans,” and “The Fauna and Flora of the Pacific,” which is the large blue map with other visitors in the photo. I must mention though: personally, I love the oil on canvas painting called “Portrait of Orleans” by Edward Hopper because of the clarity of the painting and the choice of colors used. The “Niagara River at the Cataract” painting, consisted of seemingly two that can be combined into one larger painting, is also beautiful! I love nature, and I love how the waterfall is depicted as fresh and blue.

Formal: The Portrait of Orleans has a selected collection of vivid colors used for this painting. The painting shows a view of Main Street America that may allow the viewer to feel nostalgic. This place in Massachusetts may have looked different compared with decades ago. It shows the drastic changes before and after World War II. Each line is very clearly shown and drawn out, distinctive with the colors. In “The Fauna and Flora of the Pacific,” the colors are also quite vivid, but not as distinct as the colors and texture of the “Portrait of Orleans.” In the Fauna and Flora of the Pacific, there are large bodies of water that makes up most of the painting. There are also many animals shown in different areas on the map to show where they originate from. For example, kangaroos are from Australia, so it is shown in the country and continent of Australia. The rhythm of both paintings are quite loud due to the colors and how both paintings are of a location, whether it’d be of a specific street in Massachusetts or the entire world.

Conceptual: The ideas these two works evoke in me are similar in that they both have very vivid colors that bring life to the painting and emotions to the viewer. They are different in that the Pacific would allow me to think of how vast and big the world is, and that there are different and distinct characteristics of each country in the world that sets them apart from each other. As I have mentioned before, both paintings make me think of different areas around the world, and how there are so many more places to explore and visit throughout one’s lifetime, but The Portrait of Orleans also gives off a degree of nostalgia, whereas the Pacific simply depicts how vast and big the world is!


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