Week 8 Activity – Street Art

During this past week, we focused on street art, and street art photography. We were supposed to take pictures of people on the streets and see what we can find.

In the first photo that has a caption of “Moraga Steps,” I took pictures of a few people at the iconic place called the Moraga Steps. I talked to them and they said it was their first time there, so they acted like tourists even though they have lived in the city for a while now. As you can see, the person wearing a purple jacket is taking a photo of the flowers on her left side. I wanted to capture the full view of the steps, so I took this photo from afar.

In the second photo, the photo’s caption is “back,” by following the same group of people, I tried to see what they would do next. I believe the photos are not in chronological order, but they took pictures of the steps from the bottom. I tried to achieve different angles of the same people, and it seemed interesting to me at the time. In the third photo, I decided to walk up the steps and take a panoramic photo. I thought it was funny because the two pedestrians who were walking up the steps were wearing shorts, or skirts. They may have been exercising and walking for a while, so they had more body heat, but the day was actually quite chilly, as seen in the first two photos and the fourth photo with other pedestrians wearing jackets and scarves.

In the fourth photo, I decided to take a photo of the person at a closer distance. I thought it was hilarious because the person was so cold and freezing that she actually told me to take a photo of her to prove how cold it was! She covered her face with a scarf and we both laughed as I was taking the photo. She was very nice! Other pedestrians were at the bottom of the steps, ready to go “down to earth” because of the intense wind blowing at everyone’s faces! Overall this experience was fun, because I had a chance to walk up the Moraga Steps and see how different people are in terms of their clothing, and how some people can wear layers and layers of clothes, and some people can wear shorts and skirts despite the cold weather!


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