Week 8 Artist(s) – Daniel Arnold

When I visited Scott Schuman – The Sartorialist’s website, I noticed the pictures of different individuals, male and female, and their different styles and outfits. This photo is taken by Scott Schuman. The first thing that I thought of was “Humans of New York.” Coincidentally, both the creator of “Humans of New York” and Scott Schuman capture individuals from New York! Although both photographers capture different aspects of these individuals, they’re doing something meaningful. Scott Schuman captures people of different genders, ethnicity, ages,  personalities, styles, outfits, clothing, emotions – the list goes on! The author of Humans of New York records each individual’s story and puts it on social media to spread the word. I was unaware that The Sartorialist’s books or photos can be purchased on Amazon! If I had the money, I would purchase the hardcover version or if they would make it into a magazine format.

The second photo is by the street photographer, Daniel Arnold, of a man in his house, standing by the window or patio area. This man was the first person I noticed, then I noticed the flowers and the snacks on the table. It seems as if there was an event happening outside this house. As I take a closer look, I see shadows of people reflected off the sun, and it seems like there are at least four people. I find this photo quite fascinating with lots of secrets. I also find it quite interesting that I do not see the shadow of the photographer! I think that Daniel Arnold wants his viewers to enjoy and closely examine his photos to find more hidden “gems”, if you will, when you are patient and take the time to look at it!

The third photo is also taken by Daniel Arnold, and I love some of his photos. There are a couple that have a blurry background but a very clear and specific object or person to focus on. He decided to focus on the skater in the middle of this photo. To be frank, my first impression of the skater in this photo is that he is not in the safest or most peaceful neighborhood. Assuming that this photo is taken at night time, there are still many people on the streets, and the car next to him seems to be a police car. I think Daniel Arnold would like his viewers to see from his perspective, focusing on the person on the skateboard. I am fascinated and impressed by how Daniel Arnold is able to capture this photo, right in between the cars passing by on both sides of traffic, with the police car right beside him!


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