Week 9 Activity – Cuisine

This week’s art activity is named Cuisine, Couture, or Coiffure. I would experiment with food, fashion, or follicles. I would experiment with food because food is something I love and find practical for the future, whether I cook for my family, friends, roommates, or simply myself. Thus, I decided to experiment with chicken wings. The focus was not necessarily on the chicken wings, but on the sauce. I’ve always loved chicken wings, and decided to find whatever is available in my sauce cabinet(s) and experiment with the various tastes. Of course, I researched online for recipes and directions before creating my own. A common occurrence I find interesting is that there would always be one or two ingredients in the ingredients list of a recipe that I do not have available, or would not use in the future except for this one time that I decide to make this food. Hence, I used recipes as a general guideline as to what ingredients and sauces would mix well, with the rest of the sauces being trial and error. I marinated the chicken wings with ginger, garlic, white sugar, ketchup, parsley, a dash of salt and pepper, and apple juice and honey for the glaze. It may sound like a lot of spices, but it actually tasted delicious. I invited some of my friends and roommates, and they seemed to enjoy it. They were the ones who gave suggestions to help improve the food, in which they encouraged me to make them again.

I achieved my goal eventually, after a few tries. It was fun because I enjoyed the anticipation of my results. I find it quite challenging to connect it with the aspect of “art” in this activity, but perhaps I can see that creating anything takes time, practice, and patience, especially with trial and error. One must be willing to acknowledge his or her own mistakes in order to learn from them and improve next time and become better. Next time, I would like to try to experiment with new foods and utilize my resources well so that I don’t have to make impractical purchases or waste the resources I already have.




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