Week 9 Artists – Guy Tang & Kat Von D

The two artists of the week I would like to focus on are Guy Tang and Kat Von D. Guy Tang is a hair stylist who is very talented in his “masterpieces.” He calls himself a “hair activist,” residing in West Hollywood, and takes clients to transform their hairstyles. Guy is known for his hair color designs, and is very well-known on his social media of Instagram, as well as YouTube. As of 07/24/2016, Guy has 1.5 million followers on Instagram and 1,275,098 subscribers on YouTube. He has developed the recent trend of the gray and purple hair color, and is an expert in creating different hair colors on people’s hair. Examples are shown below, ranging from the gray and purple hair color, to an absolute rainbow color. He has helped many famous people with their hairstyles as well, with one of them being Michelle Phan, who is a well-known YouTube artist and entrepreneur.

Kat Von D, whose full name is Katherine von Drachenberg, was born on March 8th, 1982 in Mexico, currently at the age of 34. It is said that she dropped out of high school to become a tattoo artist. Not only is she an American tattoo artist, but also a musician, author, entrepreneur, and musician. In addition, Kat also had her own reality TV show called LA Ink. In this reality TV show, people would approach Kat and ask her to give them a tattoo, usually with a story and reason for the tattoo. Although I have not watched this TV show, I hear that it offers her watchers a new perspective and view of tattoo, and that it becomes more personal when there is a “story” attached to the tattoo, instead of it causing intimidation to others. Kat Von D also created her own make-up line for Sephora, and expands her collections every year!

Although I have my stereotypes of tattoos, that people who have them are intimidating and non-approachable, I respect Kat Von D for pursuing her passion and dreams. I respect her for creating the reality TV show that offered a new perspective of the reason and stories behind each tattoo that people choose to place on their body. I also am impressed by how detailed she can be when creating tattoos. An example is shown below, in which Mona Lisa is tattooed onto the person’s arm. It takes a lot of skill to produce such beautiful art, and with limited amount of space, as a person’s arm is not very wide or long. I love how Kat Von D can use tattoo to recreate and challenge the definition of art!


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