Week 11 Activity – Fiber Art Wall Hanging

This week, or last week’s activity, I should say, was to make a Wall Hanging, a fiber art creation that can hang on the wall. I gathered up two balls of yarn, a pair of scissors, and a gold macrame ring. In this fiber art wall hanging activity, I used estimated measurements of each piece of teal yarn and doubled the length of the string to tie the knots to the ring. After I tied about 20-30 pieces of teal colored yarn to the ring, I started to gather up the pink colored yarn, repeating the same process, doubling up each string. However, instead of tying each knot on each string to the ring, I gathered 15-20 pieces of yarn altogether to tie to the gold ring. Two “bunches” of pink colored yarn were of the same length, with one “bunch” being longer than the other two. I definitely learned something new, because completing this activity introduced me to fiber art, and that this project is simple and I can decorate my wall by attaching yarn to a gold macrame ring! I watched many YouTube videos and some artists gave their viewers some ideas regarding different styles that people can create.

This activity took longer than I expected, because I had a larger ring size. My hypothesis is that the YouTube artists had a 6″ or 8″ ring, whereas my ring was 10″, in which I used more yarn.to cover more circumference of the ring. It was frustrating when I was not satisfied about how much circumference the teal colored yarn would cover the ring, but I tried to have patience to complete this activity. The results were not as I expected, given that I was inspired by a YouTube artist – the three “bunches” of pink yarn were supposed to be adjacent to one another, with no gaps, with the teal yarn behind each “bunch” of yarn. However, as shown in the photos, each bunch of yarn is somewhat separated by the teal yarn in between. Nonetheless, I am still content with my project, even though I am not completely satisfied. Overall, I enjoyed this activity, and it made me think differently about fiber art and fiber in general. I was able to use fiber, a common every day product that I overlooked to create something that can be used as a wall decoration. It’s quite fascinating!



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