ART 110 Conclusion

As the summer course Art 110 comes to a conclusion, I would like to review the past 11 weeks’ activities: Plaster Casting, Automatic Drawing, Graffiti Writing, Sketching in the garden, Instagram, Landscapes with a Corpse, Art Museum Visit, Street Photography, Cuisine, Couture or Coiffure, Art Care Package, and Fiber Art Wall Hanging.

Three of my favorite activities were Art Museum Visit, Plaster Casting, and Fiber Art Wall Hanging. I have not visited the art museum in a long time, and it was a pleasant experience when I visited the museum, and a bonus that it was coincidentally free admission! I enjoyed the plaster casting activity because it was actually my first time making my own hand out of plaster! I was very nervous throughout the process, but I’m glad it turned out presentable and actually like my hand! Fiber Art Wall Hanging took more time than I had expected, but I enjoyed making the Wall Hanging because it’s a practical, tangible object that I can place on my wall, and it’s a low-cost DIY project! Another activity I also enjoyed was the Graffiti Writing – I appreciate those who are so skilled in graffiti writing and have such creative minds in designing them, but only if they spray graffiti at legal and appropriate places!

Three least favorite activities Sketching in the Garden, Landscapes with a Corpse, and Cuisine, Couture, or Coiffure. Sketching in the Garden was a great activity, but I’d rather focus on one or two sketches to add more details and perfect them, instead of having to draw four representational sketches and four abstract sketches. Landscapes with a Corpse was a difficult activity to complete, because I would prefer to have more time to think about how I would want to die. It was a challenge for me to understand  the original artist’s purpose behind this project. As for the Cuisine, Couture, or Coiffure activity, I enjoyed the “Cuisine” aspect of the project and making new food, but I would prefer not to focus on the “couture or coiffure” activity, because I did not want to change my hair color or hairstyle or change the design of my clothes.

Slack was the website that served similar purposes as an online chat room. I like it better than Beachboard because it’s easier and faster to read the “unread messages,” and I like the idea of a chat room, because I think it’s cool to know that students enrolled in this class, wherever they may be located physically, are all online discussing about an Artist of the Week, or just about Art in general. Although there is an option for discussion, using the “Discussion Board” on Beachboard, it seems less interactive, even though students respond to one another throughout the week. Most of the art activities, art talks, and artist OTW were useful, as I enjoyed the variety of artists that we researched and discussed. I wish the art talks would go more in depth when discussing specific time periods, instead of quickly discussing multiple eras and artists.

Overall, I enjoyed this Art course very much and it exceeded my expectations! Thank you to Professor Zucman!


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