Week 12 Activity – One More

As the course of Art 110, Introduction to Visual Arts, is in the last week of summer session, I decided to choose an activity from the past 11 weeks and complete it again, but contributing deeper thoughts and putting more effort into this activity, I suppose. The activity I chose to complete again is “Street Photography.” I took a stroll in the park, and thought it would be interesting to take pictures of people and try to guess what their purpose in coming to the park was, at 10am on a Saturday morning. What I tried to achieve was to find out the different activities that people do in the park. I admire those who live in the neighborhood, who are willing to wake up in the morning to get some fresh air and exercise, whether they are with families, or by themselves.

In the first photo, the family is taking a stroll in the park, visiting different landmarks in the park, and enjoying the fresh air in the morning. In the second photo, the couple is walking their dog, and I think that the park is the perfect place for pets to take a walk. In the third photo, there are people entering and exiting the museum, in which the group entering is a family, and the group exiting consists of a group of friends. In the fourth photo, there is a group of children, with a few chaperones with them, and they received free gift bags from the museum gift shop because they were visiting as a group! I took the fifth photo because the little boy was cute, even though he was putting leaves into the fountain. The sixth photo shows a person running – I saw quite a few runners in the park as I was taking pictures. The last photo captures the typical street life: you see couples or families taking a walk together in the morning, the buses come by every 10-15 minutes, and bikers and cars share the road. People may be at the park on a Saturday morning for different reasons, but they all have the free benefits of physical exercise and fresh air in San Francisco, California.


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